『Esashi Scallops』 is known those in the know.


『Esashi Scallops』 is known those in the know.

  This scallops are caught Esashi town which is located south east of Hokkaido. Professionals recognize this scallops is special especially adductor muscle. Usually we can’t find and choose this, but everyone shoud have experience to eat the excllent one. When you taste, will feel fresh, juicy and plump texture, and more than anything we only could have taste sweetened Umami. It’s not very famous, That’s IPPIN(hidden special scallops)

Time of season for Esashi scallops

  we can catch scallops from March to November It’s time to prepare operation untill May, it means catch from other place. Then start catching scallops by full operation from November. Also We have possible to see eggs inside scallops, It’s depends on season. By the way, it has two reasons why the Esashi scallops is special. 「Good environment for natural scallops」「pride and proud of fisherman for scallops」 In this time, I want to intoroduce two points of these.  

「Good environment for natural scallops」

  Esashi cosist of Two town where are Esashi-cho and Utanobori-cho. They merge twenty years ago. Esashi located on the sea of Okhotsk. Utanobori is surrounded by a forest. It’s famous to catch of Hair club, Autumn salmon, flaunder and Sea cucumber. Also No1 of Hair club catches in Japan. The three points why Esashi scallops is very delicious 1. The Abundance of natural Plankton 2. Esashi located East side is sea West side is forest. 3. Esahi’s fishing grounds are made by sands The sea of Okhotsk has a lot of animal plankton, furthermore plant plankton float out from forest. The scallops eat those plankton to grow, that is why scallops grow up nice. Also growing up in the sand is better than rocks, because nutrition flow through content more than shelf. We found Esashi scallops is sweeter than others, because value of glycogen.  

 「pride and proud of fisherman for scallops」


Also We want to intoroduce about ”pride of Esashi fisherman” Every fishermen said ‘ Esashi scallops is top of Japan. Esashi fisherman adopt ” Jimakisiki” is way of catching scallops. It means, hatched scallops sow in the sea, they grown up a few years. After that fisherman catched those scallops. Esashi adopt ”Yonrinsaisei” that is using four each place by every four years. Then it is important ”Gyobazousei” ‘Gyobazousei” means preparing and improving the sand of sea for scallops from March to May. After finishing ”Gyobazousei” We start ” Honsougyo” is full operation for this season from Jun to November. ‘Honsougyo” means, they cantch scallops grown four years in the sea floor.(about at the depth of 30m~60m) They catch the scallops by using ”Hassyaku”(Japanese traditional tool) A particulality of Esashi’s sea ground has many sand and mud. So it hard situation to find and get the scallops becouse they hide in the sand. That is why they try and improve better way day by day.




ホタテ本来の味を!『枝幸のホタテ刺し』 半レアで食べる贅沢『枝幸ホタテのザンギ』 旨味とシャリのハーモニー『枝幸ホタテの握り』 「枝幸のホタテ」を贅沢に使った『枝幸ホタテ丼』